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Welcome to UOGEATs /// Read this first!
Started by SomeLuigi
(2012-08-16 13:06:06)
SomeLuigi (2012-08-16 13:06:06)
Welcome to the forum for u-goats User-Organized Gaming Events and Tournaments.

If you want to organize an event and advertise it here, there are a few things that you need to do.

1- Put the game title in brackets (otherwise your thread goes) at the front of your title.

For example,

(Triniate) Caveman-attacking Party

2- Give clear information on how to get involved or spectate, and of course WHEN.


"Join us near the Triniate Shop on 14th of December!"

3- Use the [time] tag for user reference, also giving the time of the event by the time-tag clock.


"Remember to be there, at 14th of December 14:00 by this clock: Wed, 14 Nov 2018 23:32:40 +0000([time])".

Have fun ;-).

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Dragnet (2012-08-16 20:21:51)
Ah, good. This makes organizing the Events forum a lot easier.
What I wanna know is where's the caveman
Toad88 (2013-01-04 14:42:51)
I love making tourneys but it's hard because it's like- Do I know you? Am I your friend?
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