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my experiences with my family as a trans person
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Started by Cass42
(2016-02-18 04:45:23)
Leviathan (2016-02-18 13:45:47)
>got on internet
>found out about trans
>wanted to be cool to forum people
>became trans


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2016-02-18 13:47:21

I'm an open book, there are few questions I won't answer honestly, no matter how embarrassing.
Leviathan (2016-02-18 18:23:11)
^Knowing what transgender is doesn't mean you can become one

You are too young to be transgender.
I'm an open book, there are few questions I won't answer honestly, no matter how embarrassing.
DoctorSatan (2016-02-18 21:40:19)
There's no age at which you can or can't be transgender, but reading through this the poster seems confused.

I also find it funny how he/she "believed that christians would accept LGBT people." That's golden.
DoctorSatan (2016-02-19 15:18:35)
No, they didn't. They didn't think that when they were putting Scientists in jail simply for defying the Church, nor did they think that when they were burning witches. And they certainly don't think that (the anti-LGBT ones anyway) when they continually try to take away LGBT rights.

Christians are a vast spectrum of people, not just a simple generalization; a lot of them cherry pick the Bible to fit with their life, some don't read it at all and just identify as it because they're pressured to, some are fundamentalist, etc. It's all based on what their specific denomination wants to believe in the Bible, and how far that person is willing to go with that belief.

I'm not even religious yet I've read enough snippets from the Bible to know that God clearly has preferences of people (whom he created btw) that he loves. If my word isn't enough for you, check out Leviticus 20:13 and you'll learn all about God's "love."
AntiChrist (2016-02-21 16:09:30)
Just because your parents are family doesn't mean you can trust them nd that they will be willing to accept anything about you. What you have to do is pretend you're the kind of person they want you to be until you're out of the house for good unless you want your life to be a thousand times harder than it needs to be.
open up ur chakras
PANZERFAUST (2016-02-22 09:39:27)
Das sieht Fälschung.
Sleep (I've Been Slipping)
little5 (2016-02-22 22:03:53)
Aw, girlie, look. AntiChrist is right. DoctorSatan's right, too, in the first 2 paragraphs, I'm not venturing into the last. Sometimes you have to stay closeted. Bring up the topic to a few close friends and see how they feel about it, then decide if you can come out to them. Tell your parents you.. "Changed." It'll be hard, yes, but maybe you'll be able to get your stuff back. Hide with your parents, act normal with friends. If your friends are over a lot, come up with a codeword to keep it secretive.
Gourgeist (2016-02-29 02:25:44)
I hope nothing but the best for you, hon. I'm trans too, and I know having unsupportive family members sucks ass.

Don't let other people define who you are, stay true to yourself. Tbh, I have a Christian friend with the goddamn Bible app on his phone, but he's got nothing against the LGBPTQA+ community, infact he doesn't even identity with heterosexual.

Don't let them clip your wings, and don't feel like there's something you can't do or be just because your parents don't have the same mind set as you do.
If you can't stand the way this place is,
Take yourself to higher places.
MissJanie (2016-03-06 16:44:20)
Good for you, sweetheart.

Shane (2016-05-10 06:14:33)
kill yourself
Betrrr (2016-06-18 14:46:56)
People like you are dumb.
"i realized i was a trans"
The only way you can be trans is if you magically grow breasts.
Which will never happen.
Nin10dude789 (2016-06-21 23:24:57)
This post made me cringe so hard, I think I created a cavity.

Obviously you seemed clueless because based on your post, you pretty much made a choice based on a stupid page on the internet. I know what transgender is, but will I become one? No, that's just plain stupid.

What really makes people have different sexuality is really based on their past, and experiences with other people. But you? You just decided to be trans just because the internet said so. That's just pathetic.

And I'm Christian, so even if you are serious to become a transgender, that's cool. You go do what makes you happy. I'm not gonna hate you for being trans. But really, your reasoning to become trans is just hilariously stupid and pathetic.

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2016-06-21 23:27:19

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TwilightWinter (2016-06-22 17:00:37)
What's so cool in being a transgender anyway? Just be a boy/girl, whatever you are.
NintendoDude (2016-06-23 09:22:17)
Tumblr is ing up our youth and this is nothing but proof
You in the club, stylin' with dough,
Profilin' with hoes that we boned, a while ago
AntiChrist (2016-07-05 16:06:20)
OP made no implication that learning about trans on the internet is what made her trans.
open up ur chakras
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