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I dislike my grandma
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Started by JimmyJonJones
(2016-07-09 15:08:14)
JimmyJonJones (2016-07-09 15:08:14)
I know you guys are probably thinking that's your grandma! How could you dislike her!

Just wait til you hear this. I have been living with my grandma for a while now, and I know I should respect her, because it's her house. But that doesn't mean you should threaten someone, and yell at them, and use hateful comments.

A while back, my room was dirty, soda cans under the bed, candy wrappers all over the floor, like that. I understand that I was wrong for having a disgusting room. I can understand she was mad.

So she went downstairs, and began talking to herself. "He's nasty, just like his mama" First of all, my mother isn't nasty. She's neat, well organized. That really made me mad. I just hated it when she talked about my mom.

Then, she said "Ima kill that boy" What kind of Grandmother threatens to kill her grandson? All you do is smoke, watch basketball, and talk to yourself. So you're disgusting yourself.

She yells for no apparent reason. I could spilled a glass of water, and she yells. Not just any yell, she yells at the top of her lungs.

Idc what anyone says, but I like my step grandma better than my blood. Reasons why.

1. She always cooks for me, and tells me she loves me

2. Buys me things, that I want when I get good grades. There is more to it, but I gotta tell you more about my blood grandma.

She called my mother a fatass. My mother is not fat. My mom is thick. she barely even talks with me. She has started acting like this, every since I was in 1st grade. She's always nice to my older cousins, but acts y to me.

. You guys are thinking "Deal with it" This has been going on for years. Death threats, gosssiping. Speaking of that she has a smoke room, and she talks about everyone in the family, where nobody can hear her. I listen really closely, and I hear the old lady gossiping.

Plus, she smokes around my baby cousin. He was literally just born, and she held him, with a cigarette in her mouth. Really!?

Those are some reasons I dislike my grandma. If you wanna argue, or disagree, not in the comments. On kik. GStarZ101.

little5 (2016-07-09 15:15:54)
my momma t h i c c

Yikes. She sounds terrible. Could you move in with your step grandma?
TwilightWinter (2016-07-09 15:41:51)
Oh man. Grandma you have there.

And, this goes to the real life stories forum.

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2016-07-09 15:46:27

JimmyJonJones (2016-07-09 16:10:29)
Oops, get a forum mod to move it, please. This morning, she purposely locked me out the house.
JimmyJonJones (2016-07-09 16:11:52)
And my step grandma lives in a different state.
TapRoot0ak (2016-07-09 16:27:47)

Your Grandma isn't the loving type. She obviously has tough love. My great great grandmother was like that. But everyone loved her.
Nemesis (2016-07-09 16:33:15)
Grandmas are supposed to be the loving type. They spoil you because they don't have to take care of you, unless they're your legal guardians. Luckily both my grandmas treat me like I walk on water or something
I am the lizard king, I can do anything.
TapRoot0ak (2016-07-09 16:38:49)
If she doesn't hit you it's fine. You're Grandma sounds pretty funny tbh. I'd probably laugh it off. Especially with the, "Imma kill that boy." Both my mom and Grandma say that but they obviously don't mean it. Like if I don't do a chore or something.
Nemesis (2016-07-09 16:45:57)
What if your plan to move is actually a plot to kick you out into the desert and then they leave you there to die?!
I am the lizard king, I can do anything.
TapRoot0ak (2016-07-09 16:49:33)
Then I'm ScReWeD.
TwilightWinter (2016-07-09 16:55:11)
No, actually it is harsh when you get yelled at.
Nemesis (2016-07-09 16:56:55)
I am the lizard king, I can do anything.
TapRoot0ak (2016-07-09 16:57:31)
No it's not. If you did something wrong you deserve it. But if she just calls you a "Dumbass " for no reason then yeah. But I still wouldn't call it harsh, if I heard that from my grandma I'll be pretty shocked then laugh.
Nemesis (2016-07-09 17:05:39)
But grandparents never get mad and just say "I won't say anything to your parents if you don't" And they let you have treats.
I am the lizard king, I can do anything.
TwilightWinter (2016-07-09 17:08:58)

TapRoot, but why would someone yell at you for no reason? I know you deserve it but it is still harsh.
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