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SWIM Storiez [Mature Content]
Started by ZaneandLance
(2017-02-20 00:29:56)
ZaneandLance (2017-02-20 00:29:56)
Well, it's not a big secret that SWIM has had a good deal of experience with drugs, and he wants to post his stories for people to learn the truth about drugs. Well, it was recently, Jan 15th when SWIM decided to look for a good time, and he was in a good deal of pain. This time he'd need something a little stronger than a few joints. SWIM had eventually possessed Oxycodone pills. Success! Finally something new for SWIM to try. He was rather ecstatic in taking them, knowing they would take a full 45 minutes until it hits. SWIM decided to wait until a later time to take the dose.

11:45pm -SWIM takes the first dose, a 25mg dose, considered a high dose according to SWIM's source. Now we wait.

11:15pm -SWIM feels a bit warm, but not anything from the pills yet.

11:45pm -SWIM says he feels the opiates taking effect, making him feel fuzzy, and a bit confused, but happy and euphoric.

12:00am -SWIM has started to see certain distortions in his vision, the calls vibrating and his blanket breathing according to him. But SWIM insists there is a bright glow, of which I cannot see.

12:30am -SWIM is now laying down with his eyes open, not speaking. I suspect he is hallucinating a bit.

--The Next Day--

SWIM woke up, having a slight headache, but despite this he reports having an amazing night, overcoming several revelations of who SWIM was and how he functioned. Overall, he said he enjoyed the experience, and reccomended me to try some, as I declined. This was his experience.

I do not condone the use of drugs, and this content is for to tell people of an experience through SWIM's and my own eyes. Thanks!
Gumball (2017-02-20 00:31:17)
Shane (2017-04-17 07:39:06)
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